Local Action, Global Impact

AJC New England is the local gateway to AJC's global advocacy network. Here are just a few examples of how we ACT LOCALLY and IMPACT GLOBALLY.

ENGAGING GLOBAL LEADERS: Throughout the year, AJC New England meets with diplomats and other global leaders to advance Israel's pursuit of peace and security, combat Iran’s nuclear program, and advocate on a range of vital concerns. These efforts culminate each year in the annual Diplomats Seder, which attracts an overflow crowd to the Kennedy Library for a celebration of freedom.

COMBATING GLOBAL ANTI-SEMITISM: In June 2015, AJC launched the Mayors United Against Anti-Semitism campaign, an initiative conceived of by Mayor Setti Warren of Newton, MA and AJC’s New England Regional Office. As part of the campaign, mayors and municipal leaders from across the country signed a statement expressing concern over the rise of European anti-Semitism and inviting European municipal leaders to join their U.S. counterparts in fighting this pernicious and ancient hatred. To date, more than 300 mayors and municipal leaders from 47 states plus the District of Columbia representing more than 75 million people have signed on. Here in New England, 59 municipal leaders representing 3.2 million people from all 6 New England states joined AJC’s campaign.

PROMOTING COEXISTENCE AND COOPERATION: Within weeks of the Boston Marathon bombing, AJC organized a convocation with Governor Patrick to bring together Muslim and Jewish leaders to signal our commitment to coexistence in the face of terror and those who seek to undermine our pluralist values. Advancing coexistence matters not only here in New England but in regions around the world that are suffering terribly because they don’t know how to coexist with people unlike themselves. With AJC’s help we demonstrate every day that it can be done even in difficult moments.

ADVANCING PEACE & SECURITY: AJC New England led a campaign to advance true peace between Israel and her Palestinian neighbors. Our efforts established a coalition of more than 67 organizations with a network of more than 50,000 people that culminated in a rally of over 500 people. 

BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS THAT WORK: AJC New England promotes a diverse array of relationships with communities that share mutual interests through cultural programming and dialogue initiatives. This has resulted in programs with the Greek Orthodox Metropolis, the Boston Theological Institute, the American Islamic Congress, the Bosnian Cultural Center, and numerous other groups with which we have built friendships and effective collaborations.

CONTRIBUTING TO A NUCLEAR WEAPONS FREE FUTURE: AJC is dedicated to advancing peaceful coexistence and addressing, among other concerns, the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Our tools in New England and around the world include legislative advocacy, diplomatic outreach, and coalition building.